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ROCCAT HIRO Gaming Mouse Pad Review


This review of the ROCCAT HIRO gaming mouse pad is the first in a series of ROCCAT reviews featuring a complete set of gaming peripherals with the ROCCAT KONE XTD, ROCCAT ISKU FX, ROCCAT KAVE and ROCCAT SAVU.  

Raspberry Pi, the XBMC HTPC: OpenELEC

Update! (June 2013): My new book “Instant OpenELEC Starter” has just been published! This is a complete step-by-step guide on setting up your very own media center with OpenELEC on a PC or Raspberry Pi, at a very affordable price. Grab it as an e-book from, or in paperback from here on, here […]

Raspberry Pi, the XBMC HTPC: RaspBMC

I received my second Raspberry Pi in the mail the other day, and have spend some time on exploring the possible uses for the Raspi as a HTPC. The results are very promising, so I thought I might share what I’ve concluded so far. UPDATE: The new Raspberry Pi with 512MB RAM is now available!