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SOLVED! Audio out of sync – PLEX for Samsung tv

plex-for-samsungTwo issues are currently known, which causes playback of videos through the Samsung smart TV PLEX app to have offset between sound and image, leading to audio out of sync:

  • Very small but gradually increasing offset during playback, which can be temporarily fixed by pausing and resuming the video.
  • Significant offset which remains the same through the entire video, with no change from using the method mentioned below.

How to fix it

To fix this sync problem between video and audio in the PLEX app, follow these steps:

  1. On your TV, open the PLEX app and navigate to:
    Preferences -> Player
  2. Change the three buffer settings from “auto” to:
    Initial Buffer: 25MB
    Pending Buffer: 50MB
    Total Buffer: 75MB

This seems to fix the issue of PLEX audio being out of sync!

Maybe you will have to use other buffer sizes for maintaining sync in higher bitrate videos.
Also, maybe this audio out of sync issue may have been fixed in newer PLEX app versions.

I hope that this could also prove to be a fix for the issue with gradually shifting sound which is normally solved by pausing and resuming playback to resync.
Enjoy, and share if you found this post useful =)

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  1. Leonardo Arriagada's Gravatar Leonardo Arriagada
    September 5, 2018    

    I hope it helps.
    I’m currently using 2.007 Plex on SmartHub for 2012 plasma TV Samsung

  2. Kaktusz's Gravatar Kaktusz
    August 31, 2018    

    Thank you, this was a very annoying issue for me for a long time!

  3. Al's Gravatar Al
    December 16, 2017    

    Perfect! Do you have a solution for stuttering?

    • scott's Gravatar scott
      May 25, 2019    

      Drop the resolution down.

  4. Chris's Gravatar Chris
    November 12, 2017    

    This worked like a charm, this issue had been bugging me for ages. Thank you.

  5. Dean G. Glicos's Gravatar Dean G. Glicos
    March 3, 2017    

    Worked on the ubd-k8500 4K Samsung bluray player like a charm. Cheers!

  6. Gabriele's Gravatar Gabriele
    April 23, 2016    

    Thanks man! It worked nice for me!

  7. vikki's Gravatar vikki
    August 26, 2015    

    I’m in preferences but there is no player option???

  8. Erik's Gravatar Erik
    July 26, 2015    

    Thanks for the tip, this made the plex app usable and now I can finally watch my movies without lip sync issues on my Samsung f6500 46″ 🙂

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