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Flexible Mission Execution for Mobile Robots

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This last semester I’ve spent some of my study time on a new project. The goal was to create an easily reconfigurable demonstration of an AGV doing robust towing of carts between predetermined areas. Whereas the developed solution is created for use with the mobotware platform, the concepts and general documentation could be used in […]

Detection and Tracking of People and Moving Objects

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With the great success that came with uploading of my recent work with the Kinect, I’ve decided to also put up my Bachelor’s thesis (which was actually available but well hidden out there already). This work is however not based on a widely available system as the Kinect, but the general idea and software should […]

My Kinect Datasheet

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During 3 weeks of March this year I had some time to spare for a University project of my own choosing. As i have been eager to try out the Microsoft Kinect sensor (for anything but its intended purpose), it was an obvious choice for my project. In my hunt for a more specific subject […]