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Mumble VoIP server on a Raspberry Pi


If you have ever heard of the Raspberry Pi you have also definitely considered what kind of services you would use it for. The Raspberry Pi does a good job at hosting websites and many other dedicated server tasks. One of such services is the Mumble server, which provides free Voice-over-IP in a package similar […]

How to make windows 8 start on desktop

In this post I share a simple way to make your Windows 8 start on the desktop, instead of the new metro UI (or whatever it’s called these days). There are several methods that will let you boot to desktop in windows 8, but most of them requires that you install or run some external […]

Binatone radio “acoustic tube” mod guide

Binatone radio acoustic tube mod guide

I recently bought a pair of Binatone Action 950 long range two-way communication radios (maybe I’ll do a review once I have had time to get to know them), and wanted a discrete headset to go with them. For this, the acoustic tube systems are brilliant, as they not only have a transparent sound feed […]

My Kinect Datasheet

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During 3 weeks of March this year I had some time to spare for a University project of my own choosing. As i have been eager to try out the Microsoft Kinect sensor (for anything but its intended purpose), it was an obvious choice for my project. In my hunt for a more specific subject […]