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[Solved] Amazon Echo Dot WiFi connect – Stuck in white screen

Amazon Echo DotI recently aquired an Amazon Echo Dot, as I want to use for controlling my existing home automation setup with Alexa. However, I got stuck in the initial setup of the device, at the step where I connect it to WiFi, by using the smartphone app. Here is how I ended up solving this connection problem quite easily.

Connecting Amazon Echo Dot to WiFi

To do the first setup of the Amazon Echo Dot, after plugging it in for the first time, you need to download the app as stated in the quick start manual. After selecting the language of your device, you will need to choose the WiFi network you want Alexa to connect to. However, this ‘connection’ step may not work, resulting in just a white page in the Amazon Echo Dot app. This seems to be an issue mainly occurring on Samsung devices.

On my Android device (Samsung Galaxy S5), there was a very simple way to solve this connection problem, and start using my Amazon Echo Dot.

  • Leave the Alexa app and go to the ‘Settings’ app in your Android phone
  • Navigate to the ‘WiFi’ settings
  • Un-check the ‘Smart network’ setting

By un-checking the ‘smart-network’ setting, the Amazon Alexa configuration app was instantly able to see my WiFi networks, and to let me finish the configuration process.

Has the light ring on top of your Amazon Echo has turned blue, you may need to unplug its power and reconnect it, so the ring turns yellow, in order to reboot it to prepare it for WiFi setup.

If you have already un-checked the ‘smart network’ setting, it is probably something else that is preventing you from connecting your Amazon Echo Dot to your WiFi network. Depending on the make and model of your android phone, the setting to un-tick may be in a different menu. If you are on an iPhone, there may be a similar setting, but I am not sure about if this problem only occurs on Android.

If this solved your problem, please leave a comment on what you did exactly, to get past the problem with your Amazon Echo Dot being stuck in the white connection screen.

Update: Several people have reported that if the above solution did not work, the following may solve the problem (thank you, GT):

  • Navigate to the google play store, and find the list of your apps
  • Locate an app named “Google Web View” or “Android System Webview”
  • Make sure that this app is fully updated (or just uninstall and re-install)

It seems that the Amazon Alexa app uses the build in web browser to navigate to the configuration page for the Amazon Echo Dot, and this will only work if the build in web browser has been updated to the latest version.

Update: Yet another possible solution could be the following (thank you, Curtis):

  • Navigate to the Mobile Hotspot menu in your android phone settings
  • In MORE options, make sure that “WiFi sharing” is disabled.

When enabled, the Hotspot will route traffic through the WiFi. During this operation, the WiFi is actually going against the Echo WiFi Direct network, so you get a connection error when trying to connect to the Amazon Echo.

Update: One more possible solution could be the following (thank you Christina)

  • Make sure to disconnect from any VPN connections, before trying to set up your Amazon Echo.

Many VPN networks have limitations on ports, and may forward online traffic in a way that conflicts with what is expected by your Echo device.

Update: Thank you for all your comments! This post is becoming increasingly popular, and perhaps Amazon will at some point notice this significant problem with the Amazon Echo.
Please keep the comments coming, so Amazon may realize the importance of this issue.

Enjoy your new and fully functional Amazon Echo!

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  1. L's Gravatar L
    May 31, 2021    

    I finally got this working by opening in Firefox on my Mac, then Settings -> Device -> Change Network. I was only getting a blank white screen when trying to connect to the captive portal via iPhone (iOS 14.4).

  2. John Carrell's Gravatar John Carrell
    August 26, 2018    

    If you have “blockada” installed delete it as it involves a vpn

  3. Joey's Gravatar Joey
    August 12, 2018    

    You can also just go to the website on your computer browser. Worked great for me. I think there are issues with the mobile browser.

  4. Magda's Gravatar Magda
    July 18, 2018    

    Thank you for your comment. Ive got Samsung S6 edge and I spent a lot of hours to set up echo dot gen2 with my phone. When I found that site and that post I tried everythink and my problem was VPN connect.When I disconnect I fixed my problem.

  5. Steve's Gravatar Steve
    February 5, 2018    

    Some phone adblockers will also prevent the pairing from happening and need to be disabled for it to work. Adguard is one of these. Probably the samsung specific ones that use knox as well.

  6. Soc's Gravatar Soc
    January 5, 2018    

    HI All

    Putting my date and time settings on the Samsung S8+ from manual to automatic solved this for me.

  7. Stephen Tyrer's Gravatar Stephen Tyrer
    December 22, 2017    

    After much trial and tribulation I managed to get past this point by a combination of switching between normal WiFi connection and the echo at various points. Device seems good, just the app could do with some work.

  8. Melody's Gravatar Melody
    December 20, 2017    

    I have a Samsung J7 and cannot get past white screen no matter what I do. An hour with amazon in am and another hour in pm of no help! Have tried everything listed in posts, still can’t get past the white screen. Can anybody help me? PLEASE,, Thank you in advance?!!

  9. December 12, 2017    

    If this does not help I found that using the app was a problem. I instead went to my chrome browser and went to Before I logged in I clicked on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and checked request desktop site. I then logged in and every time it gave me the option to use the app or chrome I used chrome. This allowed for the public wi-fi page to load. I finished the set up and it worked.

    • Tracy's Gravatar Tracy
      December 29, 2017    

      Thank you!! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and have been battling this Disable Smart switch for 5 days!! The smart network switch has been disabled but the Alexa mobile app wouldn’t recognize this and wouldn’t let me past the disable it screen! Tried some of the other updated but they didn’t work either. My phone could see the amazon wifi device but it wouldn’t let me off that stupid Smart network switch screen. FINALLY used your and set everything up there!!! Then I had to uninstall and reinstall the mobile app.
      Thank you!! and AAAGGGHHH this was way harder than it should have been!

  10. Rebecca's Gravatar Rebecca
    December 2, 2017    

    My Alexa hasn’t worked for over a month. We have tried everything, including all of the above suggestions. I am so frustrated. Any more ideas? Thank you.

    • December 2, 2017    

      Can you provide some more details on how it doesn’t work? Can you talk to it at all? What color ring does it have? Did it work before?

  11. Chris's Gravatar Chris
    November 18, 2017    

    I couldn’t reconnect my second Echo. I tried for an hour before I found your page. My problem was I had a VPN running on my S8+. Once I deactivated this it connected straight away. Many thanks!

  12. Sam's Gravatar Sam
    November 6, 2017    

    This Fix really worked like charm, I am facing an issue fixing amazon echo show as this device is not streaming amazon prime videos anymore, I already did try all the fixes listed above what it does not work .Maybe its just for Echo Dot, IF you know any fix for the same echo look please share with me

  13. Rick James's Gravatar Rick James
    September 11, 2017    

    Got stuck with Echo Dot saying ‘connected’, but app failling (for an hour) to connect.
    Got past it by (I think) switching back and forth a couple of times (on phone) between real network and Dot’s network.
    Only then could I get to the screen that asked for WiFi password.

    • Colin Scott's Gravatar Colin Scott
      September 14, 2017    

      Got similarly stuck with Alexa. Tried a whole bunch but finally worked by 1) wipe data from alexa app on phone, 2) forget amazon-XXX wifi network on phone, 3) restart Alexa, 4) log into Alexa app on phone using amazon account, 5) connect to amazon-XXX wifi network on phone, 6) setup device to connect to wifi and follow prompts. Issue for me seemed to be leaving the alexa app to manually connect to amazon-XXX wifi during device setup – when I returned to the app as instructed I got white connecting screen of death which never connected.

    • September 30, 2017    

      You are right, Rick James

  14. Rick James's Gravatar Rick James
    September 11, 2017    

    Don’t see a “smart network” setting on Android 6.

  15. TWK's Gravatar TWK
    August 22, 2017    

    Thanks a lot.. I was pulling my hair when I saw your post. Helped me solved my hair loss problem. For the benefit of others, I was using OnePlus 2. Disable Smart Wi-Fi Switcher under Settings>Wifi>Advanced.

  16. kau's Gravatar kau
    July 24, 2017    

    For me what worked was using my LTE connection temporarily and getting past the spinner. After getting past the screen that was stuck, I switched back to WiFi and all worked again normally.

  17. KAte's Gravatar KAte
    July 12, 2017    

    Updating the Android Web Viewer work for me too.. Thanks!!

  18. Tom's Gravatar Tom
    June 29, 2017    

    Thank you. Resolved my issue immediately on a S7. Wish this were mentioned in the app help or documentation!

  19. Bill Yarberry's Gravatar Bill Yarberry
    June 24, 2017    

    Worked immediately (your first solution). I could have spent hours on this. Thank you!

  20. Valerie E.'s Gravatar Valerie E.
    June 20, 2017    

    I have been trying to fix this issue for about two hours, found this page and it was working in ten minutes. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!!!

  21. John E's Gravatar John E
    June 19, 2017    

    I turned off the Smart Network on my Galaxy S6 Active. Worked perfectly.
    You are amazing!!!

  22. joe's Gravatar joe
    June 19, 2017    

    Thank you!!!!!!!!! I’m a pretty tech savvy person and I couldn’t figure this sh!t out for the life of me. I tried for about 4 hours trying to get it reconnected. Factory reset my echo dot, restarted my phone, turned phone on and off (separate from previous step), restarted my router, restarted my modem, unplugged everything about 5 more times, called tech support at Amazon (who couldn’t help, BTW), and a lot more technical things. I can’t say thanks enough, and guess what, I have a Samsung galaxy s7. It immediately started to connect the second that I disabled that part in my phones settings. Thanks again my friend!

  23. SAM's Gravatar SAM
    June 16, 2017    

    A million thanks! I wasted an hour of my life trying to figure this one out.

  24. Bea Ellett's Gravatar Bea Ellett
    June 16, 2017    

    You fixed my problem. I have a Samsung 5. You are the only site that helped me. Thank you so much!

  25. Jim Houston's Gravatar Jim Houston
    June 16, 2017    

    This fixed the Alexa white screen on my Samsung S7 Edge. It was frustrating because this problem and your solution is not found in the Amazon help. Once I went to Settings / Wifi and then got into the Advanced Settings I was able to turn off Smart Network and the Alexa app immediately came to life. Thankfully Google has indexed this solution so others can find it.

  26. Cathy L's Gravatar Cathy L
    June 1, 2017    

    Thank you! Thank you! Turning off the the smart network switch worked!

  27. Aakanksha's Gravatar Aakanksha
    May 25, 2017    

    I’m trying to setup the Echo dot using my Alexa App on a Nexus 6 phone with Android version 7.0. The echo dot announces that it has connected to the internet and I should finish the setup on the app but the app is stuck at the “attempting to setup” screen and does not move forward. Any suggestions?

  28. Elle's Gravatar Elle
    May 25, 2017    

    Thanks for the help. It worked!

  29. Joe Vago's Gravatar Joe Vago
    May 14, 2017    

    Notes that the Android v7 does not need/use Webview anymore.

    FYI – I restarted the app (closed it, restarted) and the 2nd time it worked find.

  30. Quincy's Gravatar Quincy
    February 5, 2017    

    Updating the website in app store corrected the issue on my s5 active


    • Christina's Gravatar Christina
      April 9, 2017    

      I was having the same problem on my Motorola phone. Finally figured out I had to disconnect from my VPN service.

      • Tony's Gravatar Tony
        July 28, 2017    

        Thanks Christina ! That was my issue too.

  31. Lady D's Gravatar Lady D
    February 1, 2017    

    Thank you. Updated android webview fixed the problem for me. I never would have figured this out.

  32. BRANDON's Gravatar BRANDON
    January 25, 2017    

    Thanks for the info man! I have a Samsung Galaxy S7. Spent a hour on the phone with Amazon customer support last night and never did successfully get Alexa going. Your blog was supper helpful. Had to update “Android System Webview” but started working instantly after that. Thanks again.

    • Lori Messier's Gravatar Lori Messier
      June 1, 2017    

      I too have a Galaxy 7 and cannot get my Echo to connect to my Wifi. I even tried using my PC. Please tell me what
      you did to get it working? The Android System Webview says “ENABLE” on my found, but nothing happens when I hit
      the button.

      • Sarge's Gravatar Sarge
        June 3, 2017    

        Came here to ask the same question as you and just figured it out. Go to wifi/advanced/auto network switch and turn it OFF.

  33. Tom's Gravatar Tom
    January 13, 2017    

    I had to update Webview, but fixed the Problem, Thank you!!!

  34. Matt's Gravatar Matt
    January 12, 2017    

    Thank you VERY much for this article. I was in the middle of updating wifi settings on Alexa with my Samsung Galaxy s6. After it connected to Alexa – the app froze. I shut it down and it pretty much killed the app… starting the Alexa app on the phone resulted in a white screen.

    I uninstalled the app, reset network settings, cleared the app cache/data, rebooted the phone, etc. and nothing fixed it.

    For me – updating Android System WebView from the Play Store took care of it.

    This is my new favorite article on the Internet 🙂 Thanks for your time in putting together great notes on this!!!

    • January 12, 2017    

      Glad to hear you got your problem solved! Have fun with Alexa =D

  35. Darlene's Gravatar Darlene
    January 12, 2017    

    Curtis, you are a super genius !!

  36. Jenna's Gravatar Jenna
    January 7, 2017    

    Updating Android System Webview worked! Thanks!

  37. Atta's Gravatar Atta
    January 6, 2017    

    On my Note 4, I uninstalled the updates for Android System Webview in the app manager, reinstalled them from the app store and it works now. Thanks!

  38. Curtis's Gravatar Curtis
    January 5, 2017    

    One more fix for you.

    I have a Galaxy S7 Edge. In the Mobile Hotspot MORE options, ensure that `Wi-Fi sharing` is disabled.

    When enabled, the HotSpot will route traffic through the WiFi. During this operation, the WiFi is actually going against the Echo WiFi Direct network, so I got a connection error.

    • January 6, 2017    

      Thank you, Curtis.
      This potential solution has been added to the post.

  39. katie's Gravatar katie
    January 2, 2017    

    I have had my echo dot since christmas and have not been able to get it to work. Echo dot connects to Wifi and then go into to set up up against my mobile hotspot and the orange spins until it times out. I cant get it to connect. I have a samsung S7 edge and have tried the other possible fixes and nothing has worked. Very frustrated.

    • January 6, 2017    

      Katie, as Curtis suggests, you may have a problem if you are using your phone as a hotspot while trying to connect to your Amazon Echo. Only way is to turn off the mobile hotspot while doing the initial configuration. Hope this helps!

    • Wilson's Gravatar Wilson
      May 17, 2017    

      Set it up from your PC.

  40. GT's Gravatar GT
    December 29, 2016    

    I tried the fix listed but they didn’t work for my phone so I uninstalled Alexa again and I also uninstalled Amazon Underground Amazon Prime video and tried again. When I reinstalled Alexa it still didn’t work- nothing but a white screen so I uninstalled it again and tried to install Amazon Prime video but to install Amazon Prime video, you have to install Amazon Underground. When I did that it scanned my Google web View and saw that it was out of date. I downloaded the update for the Google web View app. After that was installed I installed Amazon Prime video and reinstalled Amazon Alexa and it works. So the problem with my Galaxy S5 phone was not the internet settings but the fact that the Google webview app was out of date and needed to be updated.
    I hope this helps someone else. Good luck.

    • Andy Shum's Gravatar Andy Shum
      January 4, 2017    

      Thanks this solve my problem. My phone is Samsung S6 edge and the Google Web View is actually called Android System Webview in Google Play under my Apps.

    • January 4, 2017    

      Thank you for this great alternative solution! I have updated the main post to explain the possible fix.

  41. Blanca's Gravatar Blanca
    December 28, 2016    

    I really wished this would help me so frustrating. Did not work for my Samsung j6. Still getting the white blank page. ?

    • December 28, 2016    

      Hope you will find a solution in the end. If you do, please let everyone know what you did to fix it.

    • triguy's Gravatar triguy
      December 28, 2016    

      This does not work for me with my S7. If anyone finds another fix, please post.

  42. Kick_Ass2k1's Gravatar Kick_Ass2k1
    December 6, 2016    

    Another fix – If you have a dual band network, you must connect to the 2.4ghz wifi not your 5ghz. Once I switched my phone from the 5ghz to 2.4 it saw it without a problem.

  43. Howard Larsen's Gravatar Howard Larsen
    December 5, 2016    

    My galaxy s5 active had the same problem and you solved it. Thank you.

  44. Kate Grossman's Gravatar Kate Grossman
    December 4, 2016    

    ECHO is connected to wifi and responsive. BUT I still can only get white screen on app (Samsung s7) so can’t use app (ex. I want to connect Pandora acct).
    Smart network switch in WiFi settings is OFF (was never on). Have tried forced stop, uninstall and reinstall, but still, only white screen. BTW, had to set up ECHO on laptop due to app not opening (+ totally frustrating me). PLEASE help?!

    • December 5, 2016    

      Hi Kate,
      I have not tried this myself, so I am not sure how to solve your problem.
      My best guess is to do a factory reset of your Amazon echo, and set it up from your phone.
      There may be different approaches to how to factory reset, depending on your model and if it is 1st or 2nd generation.
      Here is how to factory reset a 2nd gen. Amazon Echo Dot:

      • Charles's Gravatar Charles
        December 29, 2016    

        I’m having a similar issue with a Galaxy S5 Mini and Echo Dot, but the checkbox was never checked (though I tried checking and unchecking) and I’m connected on the 2.4ghz network. I setup the Echo through the website out of frustration, but I doubt resetting the Echo will do anything since I hooked up a second phone (Galaxy J3 6) to the Echo Dot after it was already setup and it worked perfectly.

        So there’s something up with newer / more advanced Galaxy Phones and their network settings, I guess. But I’ve messed with just about every setting in there and I’m getting nowhere. I wish this thing at least had a message explaining the problem.

  45. BenE's Gravatar BenE
    December 4, 2016    

    Great. The only other issue I had was that it did not work when the Dot blue light ring was on. I had to unplug and plug back and the ring light changed to orange and then it worked. Thanks.

    • December 4, 2016    

      Thank you. I updated the post to mention this tip.

  46. Barb x's Gravatar Barb x
    December 3, 2016    

    Thank you for this info galaxy 6+ had the same problem, came across this, think amazon should sort this though.
    Again thanks!

  47. December 2, 2016    

    This worked in my Samsung S6. I was looking for the menu on the alexa app at first and that was a little frustrating. Once I realized it was the phone settings – it worked like a charm!

    • December 3, 2016    

      Thank you for the feedback!
      The post is now updated, to clearly indicate that you need to leave the Alexa app, to find the WiFi setting and fix the connection problem.

  48. mayo's Gravatar mayo
    December 1, 2016    

    Thanks ! Galaxy S5

  49. Fred's Gravatar Fred
    December 1, 2016    

    worked for me as well on a S6. Thank you!!!

  50. Nick's Gravatar Nick
    December 1, 2016    

    After a frustrating 1.5 hours, I came upon your blog and it worked instantly. Apparently this issue is more Samsung related. Good work Mivia!

  51. AD's Gravatar AD
    November 30, 2016    

    Thank you SO much. Worked immediate after following instructions. I should have googled this and found your site immediately rather than spending 20 minutes exiting the alexa app, trying again, etc. to no avail.

  52. Mark Miller's Gravatar Mark Miller
    November 29, 2016    

    I was getting very frustrated, but after following your fix everything immediately worked correctly. Thank you! (On a Samsung Note)

  53. Alex's Gravatar Alex
    November 28, 2016    

    Thanks, I had the white screen and got very frustrated. This worked straight away. Cheers 🙂

  54. Marlon Kirkham's Gravatar Marlon Kirkham
    November 28, 2016    

    I had this problem with my new echo dot. I followed your instructions to the letter and it resolved immediately. Thank you for posting solution.

  55. Priscilla's Gravatar Priscilla
    November 27, 2016    

    This article is amazing. I had the same issue with the Echo. I was SO frustrated. watched 4 different youtube videos and nothing. then saw this and thought… lets give it a go. Genus.

    NOTE TO AMAZON: Add this set to your ridiculous directions.

    Thank you.

  56. RJ's Gravatar RJ
    November 27, 2016    

    Worked on my Samsung Note, Thank you for publishing this!!!

  57. dustin's Gravatar dustin
    November 25, 2016    

    did what it says to do … i was already on the blank screen just went to wifi settings and unticked the smart wifi crap and the app did the rest thanks you’re a life saver , NOTE i watched about 6 youtube videos and messed around for about 45min with this never being mentioned b4 i came here

  58. kene's Gravatar kene
    November 24, 2016    

    You are a life saver. Was stuck with exact same issue on my Edge. Never would have thought to change that setting! THANK YOU!!

  59. warren's Gravatar warren
    November 20, 2016    

    Thank you!! just got the dot and was stuck in white for 1/2 hour! This fixed it! Amazon should tell us about this

  60. Seanly's Gravatar Seanly
    November 19, 2016    

    OMFG, thanks. No mention of this issue on the Amazon website. Glad I was finally able to put in the right search words to find this page. Had the exact same issue with Samsung S7 Edge on Verizon in USA.

  61. Milo Jones's Gravatar Milo Jones
    November 18, 2016    

    Thank you! Worked a charm.

  62. lee's Gravatar lee
    November 11, 2016    

    Brilliant fixed my toooooooooo

  63. Sergio Porter's Gravatar Sergio Porter
    November 10, 2016    

    Solved the problem! Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Chris's Gravatar Chris
      November 11, 2016    

      Fixed my problem as well – thank you!

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