A blank page editor with no content is not a good sign…

WordPress is a great CMS system for running a blog or even a professional website, but once it breaks, it can be very critical. Solving wordpress problems is made easier by the large community, but sometimes the issues that occur are related to an unsupported plugin or theme.

This latest problem is related to the wysiwyg editor for pages on wordpress sites. Some report that this issue of a blank editor occurred after updating to wordpress version 4.5.

I searched the web and found several people complaining about the same problem. When in the admin part of wordpress, clicking on ‘pages’ and choosing ‘edit’ of any page, would load the editor in text mode.

I don’t usually want to use the text editor, so i clicked the tab to switch to the visual page editor. This is where the problem occurs, as the visual editor shows a blank white page, instead of my content. The word count at the bottom of the visual page editor is correct, and the page shows up correctly in my wordpress frontend.

This is how I got the visual editor working again:

  1. Go to your wordpress admin page, in your browser
  2. In the top right corner of your browser, find the ‘ABP’ icon for Ad Block Plus
  3. Click the icon and click the text that says “Enabled on this site”, to disable Ad Block Plus on your entire wordpress site.

After disabling Ad Block Plus, i reloaded the page editor, and the visual editor was no longer blank. I can now edit my pages again, in the wysiwyg visual editor.
The last step may vary, depending on which browser you are using.

If you solved your problem, please leave a comment on what the solution was, to help others.

Sometimes these problems can be solved by disabling plugins or reverting to a standard theme. I did not try this, but others have reported that they still had the problem with a blank visual editor.
To identify what caused the problem, I used the browser debug mode (CTRL+SHIFT+J), to see that some ‘tinyMCE’things were blocked, when loading the visual editor.
After disabling my ad blocker, these elements were no longer blocked, and the visual editor started working again. No more blank page editor!

If this did not solve your problem, try looking at this forum thread. Maybe one of the things mentioned there will work for you.

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