This last semester I’ve spent some of my study time on a new project. The goal was to create an easily reconfigurable demonstration of an AGV doing robust towing of carts between predetermined areas.

Whereas the developed solution is created for use with the mobotware platform, the concepts and general documentation could be used in for similar frameworks.

One of the things I had to look into during the project was the Kinect accelerometer. Since the robot uses images obtained with the Kinect camera to determine its own position relative to objects in the environment, it is critical to have very good knowledge of the orientation of the Kinect sensor. For this I had to determine the orientation of the accelerometer before deciding on how to calculate rotation around its own 3 axes and express as in relation to the robot.Kinect SensorI’ve recorded a short video demonstrating the capabilities of the developed tools. It was captured indoors with a smartphone, so the video quality is not that good.

The project report is available below here, and a link for downloading the code files can be found in the code appendix:
Flexible Mission Execution for Mobile Robots

Keep in mind that the documentation is not meant to describe the development of the solution, but as a set of guidelines as examples for future users.

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